Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Residential kitchen affected by mold

This Buena Park home suffered water extensive water damage. As a result of water damage, mold began to grow on the lower kitchen cabinets. The mold damage in th... READ MORE

Untreated water damage caused mold

When water damage is not reported when it needs to be reported, mold is definitely going to grow in the affected areas as it did in the pictures above. The cust... READ MORE

Mold due to water damage within walls

This home sustained extensive water damage. The mold that was visible on the surface, at least to four feet high, was not only on the surface of the wall. It wa... READ MORE

Mold remediation with special equipment

After mold affected contents have been removed, it is crucial that SERVPRO of Buena Park cleans the air, as well as completely dry it. The gray machine helps cl... READ MORE

Mold Damage

SERVPRO of Buena Park was called out to a customer's home to assess water damage as a result of a broken pipe in the kitchen. Upon SERVPRO's inspection of the w... READ MORE